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August 20 - 25, 2023


Age: 15 - 25 Co-Ed


West Richmond Gospel Hall Sunday School has been taking young people camping for over 45 years – many of them have been spent at Chilliwack Lake Camp. The camp is a 2 hour drive from Richmond. It is situated on beautiful Chilliwack Lake which is south of the town of Chilliwack.


Chilliwack Lake Camp is a wilderness camp. All water must be hand-pumped and a generator is run to power the lights in the cabin. All meals are prepared daily by our excellent cooks are served in the dining area. The absence of modern conveniences helps a person to really experience God's wonderful creation.


Chilliwack Lake Camp 2023 has the potential to be one of the most memorable experiences you will ever have! The camp leaders are an enthusiastic group of volunteers who care about young people and who want you to have a great time learning and having fun. At camp you will meet new friends, play new games, and experience new activities. It is the camp leaders' prayer that Chilliwack Lake Camp 2023 will be the place where campers who are not Christians come to a personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and where those who are Christians grow stronger in their Christian faith.


Please contact Dan Singh if you or someone you know are interested:

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